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November 7, 2012
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Turkey x Reader ~ Welcome To the Show (Part one)
It was hot. And not the kind of hot that simply made you sweat a bit, it was HOT. The sand was scorching your bare feet as you walked along the sides of marketing tables. Normally, people are shouting, "Buy this!" and "Buy that!" But not today. Instead, it was louder than normal. And the people, the people were running. But not to fight over who gets what, but running away. Running away from what looked like shadows creeping up and snatching the people away. You stop in your tracks. What the hell is going on?
"You're work too hard ______." You brother called from the other room. You rang the wet rag in your hands; squeezing out the access water. It ran from the rag, threw your fingers, than into the sink. You swatted it once to make sure it wasn't soaked before walking into your brother's room, where he laid in his bed. Your brother had always been ill, but lately, he had been getting worse. He would break out into cold sweats, and would cry out in the middle of the night.
Calling, "Mom! Mom!" But mom would never come. She was never there. You and your brother lived on your own for, who knows, how long? You can't even remember your mothers face anymore. And you never had met your father. So it was just you and him against the world. Frankly, you guys struggled constantly with paying rent. You struggled living in general. But you somehow managed to continue on. Working 4 jobs, and hardly ever resting.
"Nonsense. I'm fine. You on the other hand, need more rest." You laughed as you placed the wet rag on his forehead; hoping it would help him with his sweating issue.
"Here," you said as you gave him a glass of cold water, which is hard to find in the desert. "How did you get it so cold?" you brother asked, amazed.
"I got it from this merchant at the market last night. I have no idea how he got it that way." You shrugged.
"I'm almost half tempted not to drink it now…" you brother said looking at the drink quizzically. You laughed.
It was peaceful, and quite. You sat in silence as your brother finished the cold drink. You closed your eyes and remembered the last time the two of you played outside together. You were running away from him, he was always far behind. But now, you kind of understood why.
"Hey, could you do me a favor?" You snapped back to reality to find your brother smiling at you lightly.
"Huh? Oh, uh, yeah. Sure. What is it?" You answered. He tilted his head lightly to the side.
"Could you go to the market and me some of the herbs you got that one night when you cooked that REALLY good meal you made for dinner once?"
You stared at him blankly.
"I make a lot of meals for your lazy butt." He nodded.
"Yeah, but this one had like, meat and stuff."
You blinked a couple of times.
"OH! You mean that one dish-"
"Yeah, the one that you cooked over the fire!" He smiled brightly. It all made sense now.
"Um, yeah, sure. I'll be back soon, okay?" You called to him as you walked out of the door. You looked back in time to see him give you a gentle smile and light wave good bye.
"RUN!" the people yelled as they passed you. Just as you finally snapped back to reality, you found the shadows weren't all that they seemed to be. They were people. People that had death written all of them. You turned your heel to run, but you heard a high pitched scream. You turned around. Your attention settled on this little girl who was being carried away by a tall man. She held her hands out and called, "Mama! Mama!"
A woman right on their trail ran to her child, but just before she could grab her hand, more men came and held her back, tying her hands her back. She fought, thrashing around crazily, and cried aloud. You couldn't just sit there. You couldn't just let this happen.
So you ran. You ran, feet pounding against the ground, until you gave a great leap and kicked the man with the child in the back. He fell to the ground, dropping the girl. You helped her up; she had skinned knees from the fall, but she's alright. The men who held the mother back now came after you. You gracefully put the child down and beckoned her to move back. She did as she was told.
You began to run to marketing tables. A long pole stood proudly in the ground; baring a odd red flag with a white moon and star imprinted on it. They were coming. Getting closer now. On your tail. One grabs your arm and-WHACK!
You tore the flag out of the ground and slammed it across one of the men's ribcage. He fell to the ground; the wind knocked out of him. The next one came, and you thrusted the flag upward before slamming it back down on the man exposed head. He, too, fell to the ground; knocked out cold. The other one got back up, holding his ribcage in pain. You must have broken two at least. He came at you with a curled fist, punching you on the side of your face.
You were in a daze at first from the impact, but you recovered quickly. You straightened the pole, and struck it straight in his gut. He coughed out trapped air. While he was defenseless, you swept the pole underneath his feet, and brought him to the ground again. He looked up at you in a daze before you gave him a good whack on the head as well.
This time, he stayed down.
You looked over at the mother and daughter, reunited once again. The mother gazed at you and smiled, mouthing the words, "Thank you." You nodded. Before realization hit you like the swing you had taken to the face.
You whipped around and whispered, "No."
You began to run, leaving the attackers behind.
~*time skip*~

Hot air was trapped in your lungs, crying to break out as you ran. Your feet ached, and were probably bleeding. But you didn't care.

"Please be safe," you prayed. "Please be safe." You reached the house. You ran through the door; heavily panting.
"Brother?!" You called. No answer.
"Brother?!" You tried again. Again, nothing.
You ran to his room. Nothing. Nothing but the remains of his unmade bed.
"No…" you called quietly as you fell to your knees. "No, no, no, NO!" You screamed aloud.
"I was too late! God damn it! I was too late!"
You heard a bump.
You quickly recovered from your breaking point and got to your feet.
"B-Brother?" you called. "Is that you?"
Just then, a man with tan skin and a mask to hide his face walked in front of the door way, blocking your only exit.
"No." He said; his voice, ironically, like velvet. "Even better."
You felt something wrap around your face until-
~*Time skip*~
Everything was still dark, but you heard faint voices ringing in your ears. "Hello?" You called in a firm voice. There was a wave of, "Shhh!" Then pure silence.
"I said, Hello?" You called again.
"Hello dear," mocked a rough voice. There was a howl of laughter. Your eyes were open, but you couldn't see. Then it hit you. A blind fold.
"Get this off of me, and show me your faces you cowards." There was an 'Oooooh' that swept across an obvious crowd that surrounded you.
"As you wish," called another voice, only this one was scratchier.
Sudden light caused you to blink away the light pain.
In front of you stood over 30 men, all dressed in baggy clothing and looked like they hadn't bathed in weeks. But that's not all that stood in front of you. You were on your knees, hands tied behind your back on a ship. A big ship, at that.
People. Towns people. They were all shackled up and trembling with fear. And that's not all, a boy with scruffy hair and a pale face stood to the sides, shackled up like the rest.
"Brother." You whispered. You tried to avoid eye contact. You didn't know what these men wanted, and the last thing you wanted them to know is your only weakness. The love for your brother.
"Well, I hear you caused a lot of trouble with my men." Called that silky voice again. You drew your attention to the tall man that now stood in front of you. His mask clung to his face, and his clothes draped off of him slightly, exposing firm muscle. To anyone else, he would have came off as sexy. But to you, he was intimidating. He was your enemy.
"Yeah, so? You're men cause a lot of trouble with me." You growled. The man chuckled and knelt down in front of you, faces only inches away.
"Do you even know who you're talking to women?" The man said huskily, his breathe sweeping across your face.
"The devil himself? Because I feel like I'm in hell." You hissed. The man laughed again.
"I hope you're meaning to say that I'm devilishly handsome." His grin turned to a cocky smirk. "I'm the Ottoman empire."
"So? You look like the rest of these pigs." You spat in his face. There was an 'Oooooh' that rang in throughout the crowd once again. You were expecting him to break into rage right there and then. But instead, he let out a low chuckle as he swat the spit off of his face and tossed it to the floor. His chuckled then turned to a full blown laugh.
The group of men nervously laughed along with him. Until he lashed his hand out and gripped your face tightly in his palm, fingers digging into your cheek bones. "Listen here you little-"
Your blood ran cold. The man stopped in his tracks and turned and looked at him, your brother. His cold glare suddenly melted to a warm gaze, and his lips curled in a grin. He got up to his feet and began to walk away.
"H-Hey!" You called. "Get back here! I'm not done with you!" You chocked back fear that formed into a lump in your throat. He gracefully stepped behind your brother, a stride in each step. And it all happened in a matter of seconds. He grabbed the back of brothers hair, exposing his neck and held a dagger close.
"NO!" You cried. Ottoman smiled a dark, evil smile.
"Oh? You care for this boy. Am I right?" Your gaze shifted to the floor in defeat. He's won. He let out a howl of laughter.
"Pitiful. You probably could have gone far if you didn't have THIS holding you back." He said and he dug the dagger father into brothers neck, drawing a trickle of blood.
"BEFORE YOU WHAT?" He hollered over you. "WHAT….will you do?" His raised voice dropped to a whisper.
You looked at your brother with a painful gaze; he was already in enough pain. You couldn't let this happen to him, not after you already failed to protect him in the first place.
"I'll…." You began. What would you do? You weren't really good at anything. The only thing you could do is…No. Not that. You're not that low are you? But those who abandon family are lower…
"I'll become your slave." You finish.
And it scares you. No one moves, or laughs like you expected them to do. What have you done? Have you messed everything up? How would becoming his slave solve anything? What will he do to you? What will he do to brother? Will he spare brothers life? What is to come of this?...
"Fine." He said with a wild smile. He dropped brother. "You have a-"
"WAIT." You interrupted. "You have to let them go though." He blinked at you with a quizzical expression before whooping into another howl of laughter.
"Are you serious? You think I'd let all of them go for one slave?" He stopped laughing and gave you a toothy smile.
"I'm at the top of my game; I'm becoming stronger and stronger as we speak. I'm the Ottoman Empire. And I will rule these lands."He looked up to the sky and threw his hands in the air. His voice sounded like a story teller you would hear on the streets occasionally; deep and dramatic.
"And what if you don't? What if you end up crashing and falling? Then what?" You quizzed him.
He looked back down at you. For once, you saw a hint of loss in his eyes; the color drained. Have you found a weakness? But he recovered quickly; the color returning to his eyes.
"I'll be sure to leave my prints on this world." He smiled. Except this time, it wasn't cocky. It was confident. He turned around, acting as if he were to go and leave to h
With a wave of his hand, his said, "Let them go." The group of men blinked a couple of times before a brave soul questioned, "What?"
Ottoman barely turned his head; only enough to see the death glare he shot at his men.
"I said, let them go."
The men quivered before saluting, giving him a loyal, "Yes sir!" And they cut the ropes, releasing the people…including your brother. "Alright! Get out of here!" The men called as all the people rushed away from their greedy grip. They all boarded off the ship in a hurry except your bother. He was far behind the crowd. He stopped in his tracks just as he reached his only exit, turning to you, giving you a concerned look. You nodded at him. Letting him know, you'll be fine.
You could see, he was on the verge of tears, but he wouldn't cry, not in front of you. "Come on! Get out of here." Growled a man as he gave him a light shove. He they gave you a weak smile, probably the last you would ever see from him ever again.
And he left. Leaving you feeling both whole and empty at the same time.
You felt a tug at your arm, and you were tossed around to face HIM. Ottoman. His dark gaze resting on you, his grip firm as he says in a low voice,
"You're mine, my dear. Welcome to the show."
I DO NOT own hetalia, the character, picture, or you.


Hey guys! This is a request from :iconmidnavocaloid01:
I hope you like it!

I was inspired by the song 'Welcome To the Show' by Britt Nicole.

I had fun writing this one!

Part Two: [link]
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