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November 4, 2012
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Japan x Reader ~ Kitty Rove
The rain was pouring, hard. Your socked locks stuck to your face. You've searched high and low for your poor little kitty that has gone missing. You never realized how close you were to the creature until it was gone. For starters, you've never been a cat person. But this cat….meant something to you…

~*Flash back*~

There was a light knock on your house door. "Coming!" You called running from the kitchen, cooking up a nice bowl of rice. You invited your good friend Japan over to your house for a visit. You wanted to make sure this visit was as welcoming as all of the others. You swung open the door, "Hey Japan! How it-" You were cut off by a pair of golden orbs practically staring into your soul. You recoiled back. "C-C-C-C-C-C-C-CAT!"
Japan tilted his head in at you. "Is something wrong _____-san?" You looked at Japan's sweet delicate face, then back down to the creature you dreaded so much. "W-What's with the cat Japan?" He looked down at the tiny creature and smiled. "Rell, you've been so very kind to me..I..brought you a gift." He said holding the little creature out to you. It looked at you with a bored expression and coughed as if to say, "What're you lookin' at?"
Japan gave you a sad expression. "Oh, do you not rike cats? I'm terribry sorry. I didn't know-" "N-NO! I love cats!" You hated cats. Couldn't stand them one bit. You picked up the fur ball and snuggled it but, sadly in your case, not to death.
Japan smiled at you kindly, a light blush tinting his cheeks. "I'm grad you rike it _____-san. It means a rot to me." You felt your cheeks heat up as well. You never really admitted it to yourself but…you liked Japan. And you were only begging to realize it. The way he smiled made your heart melt like butter, and made you skin tingle with joy knowing that the smile was for you. "I….I love it Japan."
He entered your house and took off his shoes in that polite manner that he did. "What are you going to name her?" He asked sweetly.
"Pissy." You grumbled.
"MISSY! I-I'LL NAME HER MISSY!" You quickly saved. He smiled. "Missy. I rike it." You felt your knees go weak.
"RAAAAAAARRRGHHHH!" There was a loud growl, and sudden pain that shot up your arm.
You dropped the prissy cat that had just scratched your arm, and clenched the wound in slight pain.
"Oh no!" Japan ran to your side and attended to the arm. "Are you okay, _______-san?" You cringed and hissed out, "Yeah, I'm fine." You noticed how close he was to you, and immediately started sputtering gibberish.
He tilted his head at you again. "Are you okay? Here re must attend to your wound." He took your arm delicately and led you to the bathroom. He's been to your house enough times to memorize where all things were.
You hissed. "I'm sorry _____-san. I didn't think that she rould-"
"N-No it's okay. I must have held her wrong that's all. I love her." You blushed as he wrapped the wound in bandage wrap.
It's not a battle wound, it doesn't need that much care. You thought. Although, it is very sweet of him…
"Herro? ______-san?"
"Huh?" You snapped back to reality.
"I said, is that better, does it feer good?"
You nodded. But then paused. A shade of red rose to your cheeks as soon as your dirty, dirty mind went to the gutter.
He stared at you quizzically as you quickly hid your face in your sleeve. He chuckled lightly.
"You're so very cute ________-san."
You stared at him; (e/c) orbs wide open. It took him a minute to process what he said; he too, shared the same expression as you, "I-I-I-I-I MEAN-….Rook at the time! I must reave! Sorry to have bothered you!" He stuttered as he ran out the bathroom. You could hear him lightly run down your stairs, then out the front door, lightly slamming it. Then opening it again and apologized for the ruckus, then slamming it again.
You shook your head and laughed. He was too polite. You got up and left the bathroom, trailing back down stairs, then into the kitchen. "Well, there goes the rice…" you sighed. You were sad he didn't get to enjoy the meal, but you didn't mind too much. He was still kind enough to visit you. You grabbed a bowl, filled it with the rice you made, and then headed straight for the couch to watch your favorite show on the TV. (If only Hetalia was aired TV… v_v)
You went to go sit down, when you noticed the black fuzz ball sitting in your seat, "Um….hey, cat?" She looked up at you with half-lidded eyes, as if to say, "Oh great. What do YOU want?" You glared at her back. "Listen cat, I don't like you either, but Japan gave you to me, so I'm forced to like you.  So move you fuzzy cheeks over."
The cat blinked.
Then blinked again.
Were you really talking to your cat? Missy yawned, then rolled over on her back and went back to her cat nap. You didn't want to pick her up, afraid she would scratch you again, so you just growled and took a seat right next to her, "Lazy butt." You huffed as you took a bite of your rice. The cat seemed pleased, if she could smile, she probably would.

~* time skip*~

"COME ON! YOU HAVE TO EAT SOMETHING!" You whined. You had cans of cat food all around you. There wasn't a spot insight that didn't have some sort of cat dish on it. You lifted up another can of soft cat food. "This one?" The cat sniffed it a couple times experimentally, and then thrashed it head away from the mush as if to say, "I can't believe you would even suggest that!' You growled. "COME ON! Japan said you only ate soft foods! You have to like one out of these thousand cans!" The cat shook it head viciously. You curled your fists.
"FINE! TAKE MY DINNER THEN!" You said as you placed your plate harshly to the ground. You had cooked a meal of steamed fish. You didn't love sea food, but you didn't mind it either. Missy licked her lips, and dug in while you sat a side eating a bag a chips. "Yum," You hummed sarcastically as you watched the snobby thing engulf your food.
~*time skip*~
"Alright cat, time to brush you." The cat look at you lazily, then the brush. Her eyes open wide. She arched her back and hissed. "Ah, come on. I'll be nice." You gingerly picked up Missy. "RRRAAAAAOOOOWWWWW!"
You held your hand in pain again.
"OW! YOU-! YOU-!" You couldn't find yourself calling her any harsh names, you just…couldn't. Before you knew it, you felt tears swelling in your eyes as blood began to build up from the fresh wound. And as a tear drop fell, so did a drop of blood, dropping to the wood flooring.
"I don't understand," you chocked with a firm voice. You didn't sound whiney or angry just…broken. "I just wanted to make Japan happy by taking the cat…I just wanted to have someone I can hold close to my heart…I just…"
You felt a scratchy, but ticklish feeling gnaw on your hand. You looked down to find…Missy licking at the wound gingerly.
You didn't say anything. You just watched her lightly lick the seeping blood away. That usual tenseness that showed in her muscles was gone. For once…she looked soft, kind even. You sniffled a little before lightly smiling, "M-Missy?" You called. She looked up at you. He usual glare was melted away into, what looked like, sorrow. If she could say something, you were sure she would say nothing, knowing her character. But…she'd probably be crying.
The cat crawled into your lap and nuzzled against your hand lightly. You coughed out a light giggle. "Apology accepted."

~*time skip*~

"Alright, time for bed Missy." The cat looked at you lazily again. "Come on." You said pointing to the little basket you had set up for her. She yawned, then gingerly walked to her 'bed' and plopped down. You smiled. She looked so innocent, so loveable. You were half tempted to hug her to death. "Well, night Missy." You smiled. You pat the cat on the head lightly before walking up the stairs, and resting yourself for the night.
As you were finally dozing off, you felt a light tug on your blankets. You yawned and looked at the ground to find a little black ball staring at you with big eyes. "Missy," You yawned again. "What are you doing here?" She looked at the ground, pawing at the floor lightly.
It took you a second to process what she wanted, but when you did, it made you smile. You lifted her up sweetly and set next you. You turned so you could face her. You stared at each other for a while. She suddenly glared, then pawed at your face, as if to say, "W-What? Stop starring at me, would ya?" You giggled then brought her closer in your arms. At first she struggled a bit. But after while, she settled down, then drifted off to sleep.
You watched her tiny little rib cage rise up and down as she breathed heavily in her sleeping state. You smiled then held her a little tighter, but made sure not to crush her, before drifting off to sleep as well.

~*the next day*~

There was a knock at the door. "Coming!" You called. You rushed up to the door and opened it, reveling Japan. "Herro ______-san, I came to see how you were doing." You smiled and offered him to come inside with a gesture of your hand. He saw the new bandaging. "________-san! What are earth happened?" You looked at your hand before lightly laughing;  awkwardly scratching your head. "Did Missy do this to you?" He asked. You nodded, "Yeah, but-"
"_______-san, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have given you that cat. I did not know she ras going to hurt you. I just found her on the streets, she rooked so ronery. I didn't know what to do…but I thought that…maybe your kind heart could herp her out."
You felt a blush creep up on your cheeks.
"No. I won't ret her hurt you anymore. I'll take her to the adoption center."
You heard a loud howl, and felt a thud at the side of your leg, before seeing Missy run off to the streets and slowly out of sight.
"M-Missy wait! He didn't mean it!" You called.
"Come on Kiku! Let's go!"
…..*later on during the search*
"I'll go this way, you go that way!"
"Hai." Japan nodded and was on  his way.

~*Back to present*~

"Missy!" You called. "MISSY!" The rain stabbed you like shards of glass. You didn't know what to think…you know what to do…all you knew, is that Missy was missing. Out on the streets again. Maybe…she's best here? You thought. You suddenly clenched your chest, you shirt caught slightly in your fist, as if you were grabbing at your heart that was….in pain. You couldn't believe you even said that. N-No….she….belongs with me! You began to run.

Running. Get farther, going faster, your heart is practically pounding out of your chest and tears are blurring your vision.  When suddenly, you lose your footing.
You slip.
You fall.
You've lost it all.
"…Why…..why can't I….just love something?" you sobbed, choking on tears. You thought of the cute little kitten that was curled up against you this morning. You thought of how she stretched and looked up at you with her big emerald eyes. How she was actually purring at your touch, and how she would practically push her head into the palm of your hand. You missed her…you….you loved her.
The rain began to lighten a little, and you felt your shoulders being lifted, as if a burden had been banished. You felt….at peace.

"_-______-chan!" You heard a familiar call. You lifted your head and found a worrisome face starring down at you. There was Japan, holding Missy.
You smiled. "Japan…" He knelt down, and helped you on your feet. "_-______-chan! Are you okay?! I-Is there anything I do?" You shook your head. "No, you've done everything I could possibly think of."
Missy wiggled in Japan's arms, pushing her paws towards you. You giggled and took the little cat in your arms.
"I'm sorry _______-chan." You looked up at Japan with a shocked expression.
"Why are you sorry Japan?"
"Because…" he trailed off. "I hadn't rearized how crose you were with Missy. I shourd have ret you finish your sentence earier."
You smiled. "It's okay Japan." You giggled. "You didn't know. But…what made you realize?"
"When we were chasing after Missy you…..called me by my first name." You saw red spread across his cheeks.
"Does….that mean a lot to you?" You asked.
Japan grabbed you by your shoulders firmly and said, "It means everything to me _____-chan." His face was a blistering red now. It was so noticeable, it stuck out like an elephant in a small room.
"_-________-chan…." Japan paused.
"A-Aishiteruyo… _-_____-chan…" He squeezed his eyes shut and tossed he face into his hands.
You just stood there. Watching the embarrassed nation trying to hide his emotions as best as he could. Which surprised you because he was so good at doing it….
You didn't know why but…you started laughing. Japan looked up at you with concern welded deep in his eyes.
You didn't understand why but…you pushed yourself forward on to his lips.
You felt him grunt in surprise, if your lips weren't on his, he probably would have called your name. He was as stiff as a board; his lips pierced sharp and thin because he was so surprised.
But as you began to pull away, his grip on your shoulders got tighter and he pulled you closer; he's lips softening. You felt your lips unbind from his as you both pulled away.
You looked at him to find him starring at you with a half-lidded gaze. "_____-chan..." He whispered, starring at you with half-lidded eyes.
"I love you too." You said, smiling softly. He tilted his head a little; the blush on his cheeks becoming even more visible.
You felt a tug at your shirt. You looked down to find Missy glaring at you in your arms.
You laughed, "Is someone jealous?" Japan looked at the cat and asked, "Is it aright if I have _____-chan as rell?" You blushed at this question. The cat looked at Japan…then back at you….then back at Japan again….then nodded.
"Arigato." He said softly stroking the cat on the head. He looked up back at you and smiled. You smiled back, and gave a light giggle. He took you in his arms and gave you light peck on the cheek.
And missy awkwardly sat there as you were being all lovey.
   |>   干      <|
  /         ヽ
    | 0   0  |
   (=  Д    ヲ
  >     <
I DO NOT own Hetalia, the picture, Japan, or you.


Haha xD I love Japan's accent. It gets me, every time!
:iconnekokikuplz: :iconkikuplz1: :iconkikuplz:

Picture : [link]

Cat at the bottom of story: [link]

:iconpervyjapanplz: <----- You belongs to him. xD
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Okay... Did anyone else's heart melt? 'Cause mine did! xD
This is so adorably adorable. I was nosebleedin' the whole time.
Thank yew so much senyor/senyorita for makin' dis adorable story. x3
*is done reading this*
... goes to steals cats.
I LOVED IT!!!La la la la 
spainloves Nov 24, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Nya i love cats
madamarachnid Nov 19, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I love cats. but i only had two in my life time. One was named simba and the other patches. Cat nods 
jstar222 Oct 30, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
My bulldog is called missy....
This story is amazing!
Theanimefan123 Oct 22, 2013  Student General Artist
1. IDK the "I'm moist" thing at the bottom. (I think that's what it says.)
2. I had a pet rat named Missy once... she was a black and white fancy rat... she was so adorable! She's dead now, though. Rats only live about two to three years.
109144 Sep 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
OMG I love his accent too!!>w< :iconkawaiikikuplz: THis was so cute!:3
love the cat at the end
Ahh! Great story I rove you author-san
I rove de kitty :3
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