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August 2, 2012
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JapanXReader   Draw-A-Circle-Academy
"Hello?" You called. "K-Konnichiwa.." someone answered quietly. "Oh, hello Japan." You smiled. He nodded at you. "How are you?" You asked. "Very well. How are you?" He asked in return. "I'm quite alright." You giggled. He seemed uneasy, like something was on his mind. So you took the courage to ask.

"Japan, if you don't mind me asking, is something on your mind?" He nodded gracefully and said, "Yes, there is actually…" his cheeks began to turn camellia red. "_____I was wondering if, you would like to go on a picnic with me." You felt your heart get warm suddenly. Like someone had set it on fire, that didn't cause pain of suffering. "I would love to!" you replied with a warm smile. He seemed speechless. "When would you like to go?" He asked quietly. "..How about tomorrow at 6:00 p.m.?" you offered. He nodded in agreement. "I will come by to pick you up."


You were all set. You wore a frilly pick shirt, tucked under a white flowing skirt that reached you knees. You applied some blush and mascara, and a little lip gloss. But you don't need cover up, YOU. ARE. PERFECT. THE. WAY. YOU. ARE! There was a light knock at the door. "That must be him." You answered the door to find a casual dressed Japan, wearing a flowing white T-shirt, and black pants. He blushed at the sight of you and said, "You look very beautiful." You giggled a little. "You really think so?" He nodded. "Bye Hungary, I'll be going now!" You called to your roommate. "Good bye Miss _____!" She called back.


"It's is not much, "He said covering your eyes. And when he lifted his hand he quietly said, "But I thought it would be nice to watch the sunset." You were impressed. He had a little picnic set up next to on oak tree, whose leaves with tinged orange by the beautifully portrayed sky. "Japan, this is amazing." You said breathless. He smiled, "You may call me Kiku."

He pulled out Hiyashi Chuka, Wonton Appetizer, and a steaming bowl of rice for both of you to share. It looked amazing. Your mouth even began to water a little. "Kiku, did you make all of this?" He nodded a little self consciously. He was so…….adorable. You took a pair of chop sticks, and did the honors of taking the first bite. It was…absolutely delicious. "Kiku…this…" looked very nervous when you began to talk. "…is amazing!" And it was! The spices, the textures, and the heat. It all combined perfectly, and became a master piece. He looked relieved with your opinion. "You can make a great wife one day!" You joked. He didn't seem to get it and answered, "Wife? Wouldn't that be you?"

He looked shocked after the words left his mouth, leaving your face a dark shade of red. He bowed his head at you and stuttered, "I-I'm very sorry. That was rude of me-"
"No, it's okay." You laughed. He looked confused at first, but was relieved. He was so stressed out. How could you calm him down? Or help him out? You scooted closer to him, you could feel his heat coming off in waves. You didn't need to look to know if he was blushing or not.

The sun had begun to set, and what better way to make things more interesting other than to snuggle up with a buddy?  You laid your head on his shoulder, and you felt him shutter. "__-______.." he said quietly. "It's okay," you said put your head in the crook of his neck. "There's no need to be nervous."
You felt him sigh; he muscles seemed a little more relaxed now.

You reached for his hand, but he recoiled and scooted away. You looked at him confused. "Kiku?" You said his name innocently. He looked very uncomfortable, like he needed to say something. "I…" He began. "I don't know how to tell you this but….I-I'm very shy. I was alone a good percentage of my life. I shut out everyone I knew and cared about…I'm just worried that…." He paused. "I'm worried I'll do the same to you…and hurt you." He was really concerned on how he would make you feel. You were…touched.

You crawled over to him, and put your hand on top of his, and the other on his chest and said, "You won't. I know you won't. You're too polite to do that…" The poor thing was blushing terribly. And as if he suddenly got courage. He wrapped his hand around your neck and pulled you down on top of him. You were face to face now. He smelt of all the delicious foods you ate with him, rice and spices. He had troubles looking you in the eyes, so you thought you'd give him a reason. You gently began to stroke his neck, gently. You could feel goose bumps rising. "__-____!" He gasped. You lowered your head, and kissed his neck softly. Then his jaw line, then his cheek. Until there was nothing more to kiss until you met his lips.

You hovered of them, hoping to give him encouragement. You waited for a minute or two. And just when you were about to give up, he pushed himself forward slightly….and gave you a light kiss. His hands held your sides, and your fingers ran through his soft, delicate hair. It was like…like….satin.

Things were starting to heat up…Oh ho ho. ;)
I DO NOT own the picture.
Japan is so cute~! He's all shy and stuff, so this next part is going to be a toughy to write...but I shall find a way!

Part Two: [link]

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fluffyrussiacat262 4 days ago  New member Student Artist
japan, are you learning this stuff from france? O-O

france: :iconfrenchsquealplz:

japan: :iconyayjapanplz:
NyanGirShadow Apr 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconpervychinaplz: Dohohoho,aru! Japan has a girlfriend, aru!!!
:iconpissedjapanplz: BITCH GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE
:iconchibichinaplz: NOOOOOOOOO ARUUUUUUUU
Creepypasta54321 Apr 4, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I'm scared to read the next part XD
kim77angle Mar 12, 2014  Student Digital Artist

XDDD whoops I read that wrong

"it was" I pronounced it said satan XDD I was like ".-. Woah Kiku need new conditioner"
I'm glad i wasnt alone! XD
Oh. So I wasn't wrong. Good to read this now. :iconfacedeskforeverplz: Yeah. If Japan had 'satan' hair....:iconpartyhardjapanplz:
:iconimhappyplz: Oh me and my chinky eyed self when will u ever learn how to read :D
japanxcanadaforever Jul 13, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Oh, I see what you did there! Awesome french laugh! This was so freaking adorable! :iconfrenchsquealplz:
Angel434 Jun 15, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
laughing like France i see XD
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