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May 26, 2013
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)

“Who goes there?!” You hollered; getting into a defensive stance.

The Brit revealed himself slowly. Something seemed…off about him.

“Oh, it’s just you.” You stated blankly with a glare; your defenses unwind, and you continued your search.

You thrashed items here and there, threw out many of your belongings out of place, some dirty clothes as well. You threw your (f/c) bra back; aimlessly hitting the pirate in the face. You were too busy to notice that when he caught it he blushed massively. So it seems the beast can be tamed.


“I’m looking, I’m looking!”

“No, _________-“

“I said I was looking, be patient!”

“_________, I-“



You remained silent.

He sighed heavily and placed his hand on his head; taking the time to calm down before continuing on.

“_______, forget about the map.”

You froze. Was he serious? “…What?”

“I said forget about the map. It’s not that important anyways...” He looked to the side of the room. Something was obviously on his mind.


“Arthur. Arthur Kirkland.” He said his own name in a disgusted manor; almost as if he were spitting it out on the floor.

“Arthur..” You tested. You liked it; the feeling of it rolling off of your tongue. You lightly smile.

You looked back up to find Arthur looking at you in a funny way; a light blush tainting his cheeks.

“W-What?”  You question; your (e/c) eyes opened wide.

He threw his head to the side and pouted; puffing out his right cheek.


There was a moment of silence; He sighed before moving over the window next to your bed and staring out into the mysterious night sky. He placed his hand of his mouth; a blank expression on his face.

The night sky reminded you of him; for some reason. You weren’t exactly fond of him, but you couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. You didn’t understand why either. He never said he was sad.

But…that clouded expression on his face said all.

“I thought you wanted the map...” You pestered. He didn’t respond.

He just stood there; looking out the window. Almost as if he longed for something. You stood by him; looking out the window too. Nothing.

“What are you looking at?” You questioned. No response again.

You shrugged and continued looking for the map.

“Did you not hear me? I said stop.”  His voice rose.

“Oh, so you can talk.” You teased with your back turned to him; still searching for the map.

You heard loud footsteps from behind you. You meant to turn around, when you felt a strong grip on the back of your wrist.

You whipped around in a furious manor; anger roaring in your eyes. But when you turned around fully…you stopped. Your eyes meet his. And what you found hidden inside them was grief.


“THEN WHY DON’T YOU MAKE ME!” You threatened.
He glared.

You didn’t know anything about this guy other than he is a pirate; a killer. Yet you challenge him.

His grip suddenly tightened.

“I can’t make you do anything…I can’t win no matter what I do..” He said quietly.


He looked at you; he emerald eyes lighting up. It took one swift move to knock you off your feet and sent you flying on your bed; him landing on top of you.

The sudden movement of the air caused your candle light to burn out; making it hard to see him.

You meant to get up, but were immediately pinned back down.

You could feel him.

Starring at you through the darkness.

“Why do you want me to stop?” You growled.


“WHY DO YOU WANT ME TO STOP!?!” You yelled harshly. You felt him flinch.

“…because if I do this for him, I’ll just be giving him what he wants.”

You didn’t understand what he was talking about, of course. But you didn’t want to push any buttons from the position you were in.

“My brother.” He said quietly.

“W-What about him?”

Arthurs grip on you loosened. A hurt look sculpted on his face.
“My little brother, Alfred. He was everything to me. But one day…” He curled his fists in your shirt.

You held your breath.

“He was taken…by that BLOODY FROG FRANCE!” He growled; baring his teeth like a killer wolf in defense. He soon dropped his head to hide light tears that were streaming down his face; he dropped his guard.
Your heart stopped.

He w-wasn’t doing this for himself? He was doing it for his little brother? He actually cared for someone rather than greed?  Something about him changed all of the sudden. When you looked at him before, you were looking at a beast with a puffed up chest that prowled about; hunting for its prey…and now….it felt almost as if you were looking in the mirror; a broken, shattered mirror.

“I’ll help you get him back.”

Arthur flinched.

“W-What?” He asked; his voice shaky.

“I said I’ll help you get him back. To hell with that man; he can have the map when he can pry it from my cold dead hands. We can do it. He’d never see us coming! And before you know it, your little brother would be back with you; safe and sound.” You smiled deviously.
Arthur didn’t respond.
You blinked.


He let out a light chuckle.

“I’ve never meet someone more stubborn, hot-headed, persistent, and demanding in my entire life.”

You glare; but this time, it was a glare of hurt rather than hate.

“But,” you felt him shift on top of you. “I’ve never met someone braver, courageous, and absolutely breathe taking my entire life.”

You could feel the heat of embarrassment practically roll off of you.

“What? I’m not sexy?” You laughed mockingly.

You laugh was cut off when your face was yanked to his; lips colliding. It wasn’t too rough, or too soft. It was just right. You felt the warmth in this kiss; it reminded you of a hot summer day when you were out on the docks fishing. He smelt like the ocean, and tasted like the salt that lingers in its waves.

You sat as stiff as a board as his departed slowly; skin lightly pulling at each other as your lips part ways.

He stayed there; lips hovering over yours.

“Thank you.” You felt the movement of his lips brush against yours.
His emerald eyes had never seemed so luminous; a light smile was placed softly on his gentle gaze.

You felt his hand move up to your head as he caressed it lightly; playing with your soft (h/c) hair. You breathe hitched as his hand lightly dragged down your neck; causing goose-bumps to form. You bit your lower lip nice and hard to prevent you from moaning.
“Trying to play ‘hard to get’, are we?” He chuckled. He wrapped an arm around your waist, making you squeak. He took this opportunity to shove his tongue roughly into your mouth; causing him to lightly moan. You could feel the hum of the moan on your teeth.
You could feel the soft muscle wrap around your tongue; lightly brushing up and down causing you to lightly moan back. His hand slide down your curves and back up; you shivering with excitement under his touch.

He broke the kiss with a soft sigh; a light string of saliva hanging from your mouths. He just looked down at you; his emerald eyes scanning you up and down.
“It’s funny. Never once did I think that I would be making love to a pirate.” You grinned deviously.

Arthur blushed at your sudden remark and covered his red face with the back of his hand. It was odd how one minute he would act so bold and brash, then the next he would act soft and almost fragile. Almost as if he were two different people.

“Is someone…EMBARRASED?!” You laughed as you grabbed his cheeks in a playfully. He growled in an animalistic manor and leapt toward your dropped defense.

“A-Arthur...” you panted as he gave you love nips along the sweet spot of your neck. He slid his nose up your neck to your ear and purred, “Yes, love?” as he nibbled on your earlobe.

You blushed heavily and began to push his face away; being easily embarrassed. He tried to struggle against you, but eventually gave. He pouted…until he found another treasure worth the taking. His eyes trailed from down your stomach to…well…you know.

He looked up at you with that look in his eyes again; greed. They glinted with lust as he licked his lips slowly and smiled evilly as he lowered himself to your area.

“A-Arthur, n-no! Please! I’m begging you!” You crossed your legs and crossed them tight.

He didn’t like this act of rebellion. He grabbed your ankles and began to unlock them from each other. You struggled to keep them together, but it was no use against the pirate. He did what he does best. Scavenge.

His hands slid up your skirt and reached the rim of your panties. He smiled slyly; lightly licking his teeth.

“N-No! Arthur! I-I’m serious!” you yelped, keeping close to yourself.

You cocked an eyebrow at you and proceeded to pull them off anyways. He slowly pulled them from your thighs, down your legs, and off of your ankles. He turned his body and snapped the piece of clothing as if it were to be a sling shot. He turned to you and wiggled his massive eyebrows in a cocky gesture. You rolled your eyes. Pirates. You thought in a mocking tone.

You flinched as the cool air reached your heat as he lifted your skirt out of his path way. You could feel him shift as he lowered himself. One second you could see him, next thing you knew, ‘poof!’ gone. Underneath your skirt that is.
You felt him move towards your heat; breathing heavily, making you even more excited. You lightly panted as you waited; almost unable to contain your eagerness. You felt the saliva covered muscle slide along your clit. You couldn’t help but let out a hearty moan and arch your back; pushing him closer to you.

He twirled the flesh in a circular motion; giving a light nibble on the flesh skin every now and then. You cried and bucked your hips into him. He was pleased with this response as he grabbed a hold of your hips and held them tight. He thrusted his tongue into you deeper; filling in all the right places. You feel the smooth, soft muscle slide around in you lightly in a teasing manor.

He squeezed your hips that he held tightly in his hands to keep you from wiggling from his pleasure. You licked you lips and sighed in delight. You strained you hands down to meet his head and curled your fingers in his thick blonde hair.
You grew impatient.

You tossed your head back and cried out his name as you were about to reach climax.
Just as you were reaching that ‘final round’ he withdrew his tongue and pulled back up; looking at you with lust filled emerald eyes. You panted heavily; returning his glance. He chuckled.

“W-What’s so funny?” you glared.

“Nothing, it’s just…you’re so cute. Acting all defenseless.”

You grabbed the pirate your thighs and pulled yourself to his (still clothed) member.

“And I’m just thinking about all of the things I’m going to do to you.” He grinned and pushed your (h/c) locks out of your eyes.

You blushed heavily and pulled him in from the cloth that hung to his neck for a kiss. He seemed to be surprised by the act of courage, but that didn’t last long.

He slithered his hands behind your back and up your lose shirt until he reached the ties of your corset. You slid your arms around his neck as he gingerly too off your shirt; revealing the corset he was having a problem with.

“Trouble?” you teased. He glanced to the side with an embarrassed glare.

“I may be a pirate, but that doesn’t mean I’m a man whore. I-I’ve never truly done this…”
Your eyes shot wide open, “REALLY?!”

He seemed surprised by your sudden outburst. He gave you the weirdest expression.
“Well, then, beginners luck.” You gave a hearty laugh; patting him on the back.

“You already have?”

You blushed at the question.

“Well...” you wiggled in your spot; looking toward the ground. He suddenly realized…and gave you a cocky smirk. He grabbed you by the chin and forced you to look him in the eyes.

“You haven’t either, love.”

You grabbed his hand and yanked it back to your corset’s laces with a quick move and yelled, “Are we going to continue on, or are you going to continue teasing me?!”
He couldn’t help but laugh at you controlling nature.

“If you insist...” He winked an eye at you.

His fingers danced along the string as he (still) struggled with the knots. You rolled your eyes and reached behind yourself and helped him get through the maze.
You felt the tight clothing unwind around you; the sudden warmth gone as he lightly pulled it from your rib cage.

“That seems terribly uncomfortable.” He said with concern as he held the practical death trap by its strings.

“It is.” You glared at the devil clothing and rubbing your aching torso.

“Then why do you wear it?” He asked; a confused tone tinted in his voice.

“Because..I..” your voice trailed off. You didn’t want to admit it, but you wanted to be perfect. That’s what everyone wants (at one point) right?

“No need to worry love….You’re perfect.” You looked up at him with your pearly (e/c) eyes and lightly smiled; a light blush tinting his cheeks.
You open your mouth then close it. You’re honestly baffled. You’re not used to compliments like this….

“If you say so, then I guess it’s true.” You finally answer.
He places a hand lightly on your cheek softly smiles, “It is true.”
You couldn’t help but smirk.

You wrapped your legs around his waist and pulled his head down to yours where you could easily whisper in his ear, “Now take me, Captain.”
You felt the cool sensation shivers run down his spine as he tries to shake off the overwhelming excitement. He devilishly smiles at you as he crawled on top of you once more. His moves knee close to your lower regions; lightly brushing against it. You feel you face heating up. He lashes his hand out as he grabbed your face roughly in his hand and forced you upon his lips.

You lightly moan and wrap your arms around his neck; making the kiss more heated. You feel his tongue push itself past yours; not even allowing you to put up a fight. He brushes his tongue on the roof of your mouth; sweep against your teeth and, every now and then, tickling your tongue. You gasp into the kiss when he twines his tongue around yours; the two pink muscles dancing around in each others mouths.

You both detach with a loud breathe in take; leaving the both of you panting afterward. You look at each other; that look is loud and clear. He wants you and you want him. You hadn’t noticed it, but while you two were furiously making out, you somehow managed to get entangled in each other; legs entwined and arms tied around each other. You surprisingly liked this atmosphere.

“Shall we go on with this?” He pants; tongue practically limp.

“Of course.”  You laugh as you take his hat and put it on your head.

You sat up and began to slowly undress the pirate; he did the same while kissing your bare neck along the way. You pulled his vest from his torso and tossed it aside. Then slowly began to untie his poofy white undershirt. You fumbled with the knot until his grabbed your hands and directed your movements.

You let you finger lightly brush his skin as you slowly pulled his loose shirt from his shoulders. He closed his eyes and savored this moment; hissing through his teeth due the erection that was growing in his pants that was now causing him pain.
“Need some help?” You chuckle as you cup his crotch.

He squeezes his eyes shut and pants heavily; grinding in the palm of your hand. He was ready. You move your hand in a circular motion; causing him to let out a cry of delight. He looks at you with lust filled emerald eyes.

“_______....Please….let’s finish this.”

You nod.


You lie yourself down on the cozy bed you were so used to. At least this event will take place in an environment you’re used to. He caressed the back of your head; pushing his lips to your forehead delicately.

“I-It may hurt a bit…” He cautioned.

“I can take it.”  You challenged.

He slowly slides his throbbing member into you; stretching the walls of your lower regions. The pain wasn’t as bad as you thought it would have been. It was a bit of a stretch at first; the tearing is probably what got to you the most.

“Urgh, this is taking so long…” you growl impatiently

“Do you want me to-“

“NO! Not yet…I need a little more time…please...” You practically begged.

“W-Whatever you say, Love.”

As time continued to pass on by, the pain became more bearable. You could feel yourself beginning to relax. The air was a mixed with the scent of sweat and rum; pirates normally smelling of alcohol due to their drinking problem.  You couldn't wait any longer.
You wrapped your arms around the British man and pulled him against yourself tightly.
“Better get moving Captain.”

He blushed like a maniac, but pulled himself together as he gave you a testing thrust. You bit your bottom lip and lightly moaned; eyes rolling to the back of your head as you closed them in bliss.

“Again~” you practically purr. He gives you a devilish smirk and a hearty thrust. You gasp in delight as you feel the member puncher you from the inside and pleasure you fully.
He gives you yet another thrust, soon followed by another, and another until it’s become a pattern. You move your hips against him; causing your hips to collide off of each other.

“A-Arthur….Hah~” You hiss as he sneaks his into the crook of your neck and sucks harshly on your soft spot. He pressed himself against you harder; pushing his hand into yours. He pulled your arm up next to his face where he proceeded to give you light kisses that led up to your hand. He delicately licked each finger tip.

“Arthu-hah~” You squeezed your eyes tightly and cried his name as his sucked on each finger; wrapping his tongue around it as if it were his sweet treat. You let out a puff of hot breathe that was trapped in your lungs for too long.

You feel yourself start to strain. You let out multiple high pitched moans as you felt yourself reaching climax.

“A-A-Arthur~ Ah~ Faster! Please! Oh god~” You cry as you reach your hands around him and claw violently into his back. He growls with pleasure and bites your collarbone fiercely; thrusting harder and faster than before.

You were so close. So close that it almost hurt.

You positioned yourself closer to him; wrapping your legs around his lower back and pulling tightly. He hissed in delight at the depth that was now formed.

“_-_______...I….I’m arriving….” He sighed heavily as his thrusts get even faster.
“A-Arthur! You’re going too fast! I don’t-Ah!” You gasp as he grabs your hips and pulls you against him as he thrusts. You run your fingers through his hair; playful with the scattered strands.

He gives one final thrust until you both reach climax and share that blessed moment of ejaculation. You both pant heavily; starring longingly into each others eyes.
“_______...” He purrs your name as he caresses your face into the palm of his hand. You smile brightly and nudge underneath his touch.

“Stay with me,” He demands at first. And then sighs, “Please?”
You laugh and lightly kiss his nose; him blushing in return.
“Do I have much of a choice?”


So. In the end, you keep your promise to Arthur and help him rid of the French menace and help him retrieve his younger brother, Alfred, back. Your master, Spain, was released. With no hard feelings, of course. And you all lived happily ever after- yadda yadda yadda. I suck at writing endings. But you had sex with a sexy British pirate, so deal with it.
The End.
I DO NOT own Hetalia, England, or the picture
Yep. Sexy time with the Brit.
This took me 10 pages. 10 FREAKING PAGES. I hope you enjoy it. I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope you enjoy it. :iconfinallyplz:

Prologue: [link]
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Shadstheninjakitty Apr 1, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
"But you had sex with a sexy British pirate, so deal with it"
XD I dies at that line XDXD 
Takara-Hima Feb 26, 2014  New member

"But you had sex with a sexy British pirate, so deal with it"

Hell Ya

maskys-girl Feb 15, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Yadda yadda yadda u had sex with a sexy British pirate......BEST ENDING LIKE EVER
souleater12191 Feb 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
you had sex with a sexy British pirate so deal with it, BEST.ENDING.EVER!!!! Hell Ya 
sweet-MissHungary Jan 1, 2014  Student Writer
xD I quite enjoy the fact that I had sex with sexy frickin British pirate, thank you very much, mhm~ :onfire:
So Hott XD lol piratesss :3
Enharmony Dec 14, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
This is one of the best lemons I have ever read. I just don't have words to describe it! It ls just so amazing!! I'm dying over here! Oh cod. I need a moment... Your so fabulous TT__TT

(BTW im reading this in the girls bathroom my school )

*reads this “_-_______...I….I’m arriving….” *

*starts to laugh*

*thinks* only England.....

*reads* You had sex with a sexy British pirate. deal with it"

*starts to laugh louder*

HetaliaRules99 Nov 25, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
"You had sex with a sexy British pirate deal with it" XD I can't even hahahaha best line ever
Who says "I'm arriving!" during sex... only England. *laughing and getting strange looks*
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