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August 9, 2012
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CanadaxReader    Draw-A-Circle-Academy
"Hello?" You called. "H-Hello..." called a very faint voice. "Hey Canada, how are you?" He looked really nervous; his eyes would be traveling around the room, then he would look at you for a split second, and then would look away quickly. "I'm good, h-how are you ___?" he asked. He was so bashful, it was adorable.

You found yourself blushing a little at the thought of him. You brought your hand to your cheeks that were a shade of crimson red, and looked away smiling. "I'm good." It was pretty quiet; the only lively thing in the room was the beating of the bass from the music coming from the other room, and not even that was enough. "Um," you began. "Thanks for letting me out back at the class room." He looked surprised, like you interrupted his train of thought; he was zoning out pretty badly.

"Um, ____," he said really softly. "I was wondering if ajdkdslasdjfkajgit….." he hid behind his bear, looking away from you, you couldn't understand a single word he said. You got a little closer to him. "Canada, I can't hear you to well." He repeated, but it sound the same; nothing but gibberish. You went to move the bear from his mouth, but you accidently put your hand on his, making him gasp a little. He tensed up and said loud and clear, "W-Would you like to go on a date with me?!"

You just stared at him; his purple eyes wide open, his hair parted neatly except for the little curl that you still had questions about. His face turned many different shades of red.  You felt something bubbling inside of you, and suddenly, you started to laugh. Canada looked really worried, "W-What is it?" You couldn't control your breathe. "I-I-It's just- It's just that you're so cute!" and you continued to laugh. Canada's eyes went wide, and he looked away blushing like crazy.

"When would you like to go?" He asked nervously. You smiled, "Anytime."
"H-How about 1:00 p.m. tomorrow? UNLESS THAT'S NOT A GOOD TIME I-"
"It's fine. One o'clock sounds perfect." He smiled at those words, his body seeming less tense.
"Great. I-I'll see you then." When he turned around and walked out of the room, he paused at the door to sigh and get rid of his nerves.
….He's so….adorable. You thought. …That he is….that he is.


You wore a lacey whit skirt the reached pasted your knees a little, and a light lose peach shirt that was frilly down the middle of your torso. You tried your best to get ready on time, but things went going to well with your hair. You grunted, and growled, and pouted. But it just wasn't working. Hungary hopped behind you and plopped you down on a chair. "Let me handle this ______!" And with a couple flicks of her wrist, and scrunching of your hair; it turned out perfect. This one lock of hair continuously got in your eyes though. There was a knock at the door.

You got up, "I'll get it." Hungary gave you a strong and slightly painful pat on the back. "Good luck!" You laughed at her enthusiasm, and then answered the door. Canada stood there with a bashful look on his face, and hands behind his back. He wore a white lose jacket with a little red maple leaf on the front, and simple pair of jeans, and a red scarf wrung around his neck. He looked at you and just stared for a moment. "I-Is something wrong?" you chuckled nervously. He shook his head, then extended his arm and shoved a bouquet of daises in your face. "There b-beautiful." You coughed. He gasped, then took the flowers out of your face. "S-Sorry!" He repeated as he gently took the flowers petals out of your (color) hair. He got the last petal, and looked down at your face. He grasped it, and took in out slowly, still staring into your (color) eyes. You blushed a little, and so did he.

When he finally realized what he was doing, he shook his head, and apologized. "It's okay Canada," you laughed. He smiled and nervously said, "W-Would you like to go now?" You nodded, and then took his arm.  He stiffened his entire body and shakily said, "Okay! L-Let's go!"


The two of walked side by side in the town; people rushing by, not even taking their time to notice the beauty of the town. Maple leaves fell from the trees; fall was nearly over as the season got colder each day. A maple landed in his hair, he looked up at it frustrated, giving it a cold face, or at least trying to. You laughed, covering your mouth, and then reached up. He flinched at first, until you delicately took the leaf off. He looked at you with wide eyes, then relaxed and smiled. You smiled back, and clung back on to his arm. You felt him give a sigh, a happy sigh.


It was getting dark out. The two of you had a great day! You went to the park and fed the pigeons, went to a pancake house (Yes, in the afternoon. Psssh, that's the best time to have pancakes.), and sat under a maple tree and watched the sunset. You were having a blast! You just wished it wouldn't have to end so quickly...

"H-Hey ____," Canada stuttered. "Yes?" you answered, looking into his beautiful violet eyes. He blushed and turned to the side. "I was wondering if we could do two more things.." You were surprised. You thought he'd be done by now. "Sure. What would you like to do?" He smiled. "First, I would like to do.."


"But….I've never gone ice skating.." you struggled saying, almost slipping. You clipped and clopped in the ice skating ring, hanging on to the side for dear life."_-_____!"  You lost footing again, and almost fell. Until you felt something tug on to your torso, keeping you up. You looked up at Canada, who was holding on to your sides. You blushed a little, and he blushed A LOT. He lifted you up back on your feet, he was surprisingly strong.

"Y-You okay ____?" You nodded. He carefully extended his hand out to you, as if he was testing and waiting for failure. He looked down, trying to avoid eye contact at all costs. Why is he so scared? You thought. Then you put your hand gently in his, and stayed that way. He flinched at first, and then looked at his hands, as if to see if what happened was really true. Then shakily said, "I-I'll help you."


The two of you went around that ring at least 20 times, and you still weren't getting the hang of it. You would copy his movement, each stride, each swing, but would look like you were doing an awkward dance move instead. "Hey, I think I'm starting to get this!" You said excited, moving your feet a little faster. "I think I'm actually getting the hang of this!" And just as the words left your mouth, you slipped backward, taking poor Canada with you. You felt the thud, the pain, the hurt. But it wasn't as bad as you imagined. But maybe that was because you landed on the poor guy. You looked up at him, your facs only inches away. "A-Are you okay?" He asked. You nodded. "Are you?" He smiled, and blush on his face and a cloud forming from the cold. "I am now."


"I had a great time." You laughed. The two of you stood outside, it was about ten o'clock at night, and the air was chilly. "Me too." He smiled in return. "Well, I guess I'll see you again." Even though he didn't seem like he didn't want it, you pulled him in for a hug. You held him close, burying your face into his chest. You could feel how tense he was, but you could fell the warmth of him most of all. His heart beated like a humming birds wings; fast and pounding. You looked up at him, and gave him a smile, and then walked away.


It had begun to snow; the little q-tip like puff balls softly falling to the ground. You walked for about 5 minutes before you were jerked back by your arm and tossed around. "Hey-" but you were interrupted by a breathless kiss. It was warm, and soft. It reminded you of velvet; it was an interesting, but alluring touch. Your eyes were wide open, who the hell is this person?! When then were done, they opened their piercing violet eyes. It was Canada. He unlocked his lips from your slowly, and took his hands from your face.

His face was crimson red, he was blushing worse than usual. He scratched the back of his head in embarrassment. "C-Canada, you scared me!" You stuttered. He laughed a little, "S-Sorry ______, I just…" He paused. "I just couldn't stop thinking about how much fun we had, or the next time I would see you, I couldn't stop thinking about you." You were at loss of words. This shy, kind hearted, soft spoken man was head over heels for you. "Canada..." You said softly. He laughed a little, "You can call me Matthew if you like." You smiled. It was a cute name, and it fit him perfectly. "Matthew…" you tested the word as it rolled out of your mouth.

"Well, I best be going." He said quietly. He went to turn to leave, but you couldn't just stand there after what happened! You wrapped your arms around his neck, and kissed him back. He seemed taken away! He was frozen solid, completely taken off guard! You stood on your tippy toes and pushed into him a little more. In return, he slipped his hand behind your head and played with strands of your hair and toyed with your neck. You both slipped your mouths away from each other, but his still lightly brushed yours. You felt his lips mouth the words, "I love you ____..." and he kissed you again.
"I love you too Matthew…" you whispered and pulled him in for a hug.

You went to let go, and continue on home, but he still hung on close. "Please don't go…" he whispered in your ear. You didn't move a single muscle, afraid it would scare him off. "I-I don't want you to go yet….it's too soon." He laughed a little at this. "Matthew…its 10:03 p.m., I have to get home." He held you a little tighter and said, "You are home. You're my home." You felt the blush radiating off of you.
He looked at you desperately and asked, "How about you come over to my house for a cup of coffee? It's really cold, and my house isn't too far away from here." You smiled. "Sounds good to me."

TO BE CONTINUED… *Daaaaawwww, love.*
I DO NOT own the picture!

GOSH! Canada is just oh-so-adorable! I LOVED writing this one! :iconmonkeyloveplz:

Canada, LET ME LOVE YOU! :iconletmehugyouplz:

Part Two: [link]
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fluffyrussiacat262 Apr 11, 2014  New member Student Artist

canada: :iconcanadagasmplz: umm......s-sylvia? (oc name i used with this DEEEERP) what are you doing...?

fluffyrussiacat262 Apr 11, 2014  New member Student Artist
- i feel stupid for not putting this is. SHE GLOMP ATTACKED HIM. LIKE THIS. :iconsuperheroglompplz: -
I WILL LOVE YOU CANADA!!!!!..... *cough* i loved it <3 :D
Canada-san is sooooo adorable!!!!!! *girly fangirl squeal* ehum ehum *clears throat* *manly squeal* THIS IS SOOOOO CUTE!!!~
 Started to drink coffee last weekCoffee Dance - Updated 
Sweetiepie14 Aug 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, "coffee" Dancing dummy 
ProxyNumber001 Jul 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I say that all the time to my dog when she runs from me.LET ME LOVE YOU! :iconoldschoolownedplz:
I'm more like this: :iconletmehugyouplz:
Haha :XD:
You know... He did say that he wanted to do TWO more things... Ice skating was only the first... :iconifuknowwhatimeanplz:
fluffyrussiacat262 Apr 11, 2014  New member Student Artist
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