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It's ninja....double o ninja.
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Let's get things straight, shall we? I can't decide my favorite character. It changes all the time. First it was Japan, then Italy, then America, then Denmark, then Iceland, then Canada, then Norway, then back to Japan, and now I'm starting to like Romano and his sassy-ness AND Hong Kong because...well....Hong Kong. Enough said.
But I can't freaking decide which one I like the most. And I want a favorite character because I'm tired of jumping back and forth. So I'm going to write a paragraph about each one and you can decide which one it sounds like I like more because I'm honestly getting tired and I just wanna write fanfics....which I'm ironically not doing at said moment. :iconseriouscatplz:

Let's do it.

Japan: I like Japan because he's is so chill and humble. He's basically the kind of guy that would politely tell you to fuck yourself...but still be nicer and use words other than 'fuck yourself'. He also happens to get drag into a bunch of crap and he's just like, "Welp. Arguing about isn't going to do shit, so I might as well do it." He's a team player. He cool. And ninjas. :iconjapanapprovesplz: I got bored of him…

Italy: I don't really care anymore. It was just the first few episodes because he is the shows protagonist and was the main focus for a while. But no, he's an adorable little Italian and all but he annoys me sometimes....most of the time.... :iconexciteditalyplz:

America: No. :iconamericasulkplz: Too loud. He’s okay though. I just got bored of him.

Denmark: Even Worse. :icondenmark-facepalm: He’s just so arrogant and the typical comic relief….but he’s a good older brother and blah.

Iceland: Iceland became one of my favorites because he was just like- :iconsourbillplz: No.....-All the time and I like sassy characters. They've got fire in them. And Tsundere's are cute and all...but they're so...easy to read...don't get me wrong, still love the sassy-ness. I just moved on. He's cool, though. No pun intended. :iconicelandstudplz:

Canada: It mostly liked him because I felt like I was becoming invisible at one point during the summer because my mom sat on me because she didn't see me and she kept forgetting about me and I was like, "Cooli. Canadia." So yeah. And he's adorkable. Dat face. :iconcanadawhoplz:

Norway: I feel like he is the offspring of 'cool' and 'not-giving-a-fuck'. He was my favorite for a long time. I just like how he can still be calm and collective but still make it loud and clear that he is not going to take shit from anyone. He is the King of 'NOPE'. And, if I really think about it, he's like the Kuudere verison of England. He likes his little mystical creatures and is all reserved and stuffs...he just isn't Tsundere like England is. (Yes. I think of these things. What of it?) So Norway is hella cool. :iconbossnorwayplz:

Romano: HE IS THE SASSIEST LITTLE FUCK THAT I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED AND I LOVE IT. I like how he acts all 'tough guy' like but would probably scream if a kitten pounced on him playfully. But this boy has got some spice to his attitude and he just absolutely cracks me up. Again, Tsundere's are cute and all-BUT THIS LITTLE SHIT...:iconromanowtfplz: And he likes mustaches.

Hong Kong: I just really like how he has a poker face 24/7 but is still an interesting character....I expect him to be that person that looks extremely bored, but then they're like, "That was hella fun." Or the kind of person who would just stare at you (or iceland) for a long time and then when you (or iceland) ask what's up, he'd just be like, "We should fuck." with the straightest face. ....I like HongIce, if you couldn't tell. :iconhongkong-eating:

England: I might even like him later because I used to really dislike him because fangirls tried to push his character onto me and I hate it when people tell me to like something or do something so I was like, "No." But he's pretty chill now I guess.....consider this England's behalf in this crazy bullshit. :iconiggybrowsplz:

So......what does one do???????
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